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There is a belief that standard stick built curtain walls system are generally the lowest cost curtain wall, not true! Custom curtain walls can offer better lead times or a reduction in schedule plus less manpower on the job-site.

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Custom Designs

NGG’s first Custom Curtain Wall Series framing system was developed in 1990. It is an exterior glazed pressure plate curtain wall system used in applications where structural, thermal and aesthetic considerations match custom profiles and performance requirements. The system has the capabilities to be modified to meet the requirements of most projects. During the years, through this system and others, NGG has developed a rich die library of over 1,000 dies which can be used as is or further modified to meet specific project requirements.

The NGG System offers the options of 2”, 2½”, 3”, 4” or 5” face dimension with custom depth of the interior structural back member and/or extended depths of exterior trim horizontally and vertically.

The system is capable of being stick built on site or pre-assembled and pre-glazed (unitized) in a manufacturing facility. The system is erected unitized by the use of split vertical and stack horizontal framing at various module sizes. High span applications are executed by reinforcing structural mullions with steel infill.

Structural glazing is available within the NGG Custom Curtain Wall Series, SSG (Structural Silicone Glazed) System. Combining features of the SSG System with the Pressure Plate System allows for structural silicone butt glazing options with a conventional captured installation either horizontally or vertically. Both systems have been successfully utilized in sloped applications.

Fabrication options include faceted or radius plan configurations and adaptability for internal jamb, head and sill extensions. Assembly methods offer limited exposed fasteners, in most cases completely. This creates a high quality and crisp final product.

central bank curtain walls


  • Unitized construction accelerating installation and reducing field labor
  • High quality, simplified fabrication and design flexibility
  • Available in Four-Side Captured, Vertical SSG, Horizontal SSG or Four-Side SSG
  • Suitable for new construction or remodel
  • Blast mitigation capabilities
  • High performance, fully third-party tested