National Glass & Glazing, Inc
National Glass & Glazing, Inc
glass integration solutions & exterior wall systems

The Leader in Custom Curtain Wall Systems

NGG Ltd., Inc. (NGG) is a full service curtain wall company established in 1982. Since that time NGG has been in the core business of design, manufacture and installation of custom curtain wall systems. Through the years NGG has serviced clients throughout the United States with a focus in the Midwest.

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National Glass & Glazing, Inc. - Glass integration solutions & exterior wall systems

NGG designs, manufactures and installs custom curtain wall systems. Our solutions include curtain wall systems glazed with insulated glass, laminated glass, metal panels, stone, tile, mesh screens and sunscreens. In addition NGG designs, manufactures and installs skylights, canopies and blast rated curtain wall systems. Over 90 percent of our projects are unique customized solutions.

An industry proven track record of over 30 years and more than 350 projects is a testament to the quality of our products and our satisfied customers. NGG has the capability and experience to meet any architect’s imagination and vision by providing fully integrated solutions. Our systems meet the most challenging architectural designs and rigorous technical standards and performance.

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Solutions (Systems & Products)

At NGG we combine the core ingredients of Design, Aluminum, Glass, Quality, Engineering and Planning to provide a fully integrated custom solution to enclose your building. While we do specialize in Custom Curtain Wall, our philosophy is to provide a single source solution to our customers. For example, NGG at the request of the client will expand its scope to include mirrors, doors, interiors, etc. to simplify the complex coordination requirements that most construction firms face on large projects.

In addition to this single source philosophy, NGG’s firm belief is that Pre-Project Planning, Resource Loaded Schedules, Control Budgets, Quality Plans, and Safety Plans are critical components of any successful project. For this reason NGG dedicates a full time Project Management Professional to each of its projects. Our project managers are also supported by back office functions such as drafting, procurement and accounting. These support systems provided to the project managers allow them to focus on planning and delivering successful projects for our customers.

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Products we Deliver (Exterior/Interior):

  • Curtain Walls
  • Window Walls
  • Metal Walls
  • Entrances
  • Point Supported Walls
  • Rotunda
  • Interiors
  • Sunshades
  • Steel Cladding
  • Canopies
  • Sloped Glazing
  • Specialty

Services We Perform:

  • Custom Curtain Wall
  • Standard Systems
  • Pre-Construction
  • Design Build
  • Engineering & Drafting
  • Fabrication & Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Consulting


  • Proven track record
  • Project specific safety procedures
  • Trained staff


  • Dedicated team
  • Project specific quality checks
  • AAMA and ASTM Performance Testing


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